Asterix and Obelix secondary characters

Cacofonix,the bard.Opinion is divided as to his musical gifts.Cacofonix think's he's geniuos.Everyone else thinks he's unspeakable.But so long as he doesen't speak ,let alone sing,everybody likes him...

Fulliautomatix-Village Blacksmith,a big, strong, macho, fiery redhead/blonde ,Never seen without a hammer.Married to his wife Mrs Fulliautomatix.

Geriatrix-Village Elder,Short, grey whiskers and hair. White breeches and Dark Blue top.He is always ready to fight, even without the magic potion.He takes an active interest in politics, dancing, drinking and the LADIES.
So popular in fact that he is married to the most beautiful of them all - Mrs Geriatrix.

Unhygenix-Village Fishmonger.Married to his wife Bacteria.
Fulliautomatix swears that Unhygenix's fish isn't fresh. Whether it is or not is debatable - he always has the village woman lining up outside his shop prepared to buy his produce. However, the fish probably does go off quite a lot, for as we learn in Asterix and the Great Crossing, instead of going fishing in the sea next to the village, Unhygenix gets his fish bought in by ox-cart from Lutetia, as you never know where fish caught from the sea have been!
The rivalry he shares with Fulliautomatix is a strange thing. They are abusing each other at every term. However, they are always seen together, and despite appearances they are in fact friends (although friends that maintain their relationship by abusing each other).

Impedimenta(Meaning: Object which makes progress difficult).Vitalstatistix's wife. Sometimes thinks she has wasted her life in the village and wants to return to Lutetia. Despite their arguments, she loves her husband dearly.

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