Why Do Artists Create?

Why Do Artists Create? -
It is an important question and one that has been asked many times. Each artist has many reasons for creating art. There are no wrong reasons, but some are more important than others. The sometimes complex reasons anyone has for creating art may be completely different from another persons reasons.
You can hear some artists say that they create art because that is just what they do. Some say it is almost a ritual or a religious experience or a sexual experience. Other artists just say it’s fun. Some artists want to feel the admiration of viewers, or buyers, or experts.
If an artist describes the process of creation as painful or exhilarating or challenging or joyful then we can assume they have some emotional involvements as a part of the reasons for creating. Some artists have a more intellectual approach to creating and doing art. Some artists seem to have little thought about art or creating at all, as if it is just a natural everyday event that happens automatically.
You have reasons for creating as well, and some of those are reasons that you haven’t become aware of as yet. The more understanding you have about yourself or any creator - their reasons, emotions, drives, fears, anxieties, and ego – the more you will understand their work, or your own.
This process of examination is really never complete, because no artist ever stops changing as a person. A creative person may mature, change attitudes, learn, add many experiences and context to their thinking and feeling. This is natural and necessary. As you change you must try to revise your attitudes about creating art as a positive process.
This process of revision with maturation will make any artist stronger, more sure of their skills and goals, more centered. This in turn prevents wasting of time with low level creative activities. In fact, as any artist involves him/her self with the highest levels of creativity, that artist will be able to see the next mountain peak of creativity sooner.
For an artist time is very important, you shouldn’t waste your time. It will always be the artist that will regret the waste, maybe the artist's collectors as well. But there is a real possibility that the rest of the world will never know an artist wasted time.
Every artist has their down periods, requestioning that is evident in their work. And an artist may even need a vacation from their work periodically. These periods of relative nonproductivity are a chance to adjust, relax, reformulate, gain new inspiration or direction. Do not believe these periods are necessarily stagnation or recapitulation. Even these times can be used productively, as a foundation for progress.
It is up to the artist to determine the "what" and the "why" and the "how" of these things. Ultimately, an artist wants to get back on track at the highest level possible when your powers return. Many artists are content, even joyful with a routine, a niche of style, an interest in one particular subject.
Many artists never change from one medium their entire career. Other artists change mediums, style and subject matter without a second thought. These changes are not always based on internal drives, but may be related to market demands.

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